Company Profile

JBA Architects was founded in May 2004 by Jeanette Schachler [Bertsch]. The company is situated in Cape Town, South Africa. Jeanette was born and educated in Munster, Germany. After travelling abroad, she settled in Cape Town in 2000, and from thereon her architectural career was grounded. JBA has experience in a wide range of architecture ranging from commercial to industrial but for now their focus is in residential. JBA has taken on the demand and need for sustainability and energy efficiency in buildings, in all their projects. Their aim is to achieve friendly spaces and places to live in while respecting the environment and nature. Jeanette is only too familiar designing with the environment in the forefront due to studying in Germany where sustainable architecture was the underlying consideration. Continuous consideration is given to the client's brief while reflecting JBA's design philosophy. This design philosophy considers context and the improvement of the quality of living, as a priority.